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following the final debate. president obama visited florida, governor romney visited nevada and colorado. we'll have more on what the candidates did today ahead at 4:30. >> now stock market, it was a dark day for the dow, certainly. it tumbled today after dupont and xerox missed their earnings. the nasdaq gave back 26 points to close below 3,000. s and p 500 lost 20 points. apple unveiled a smaller ipad called the mini. >> apple unveiled its new ipad mini, but they also unveiled more. the screen is almost two inches smaller and the resolution is the same. graphics, text, and photos will look the same. >> you can hold it in one hand. this just isn't a shrunken down ipad. it's a new design. >> the mini is $179 less than the original ipad. >> there are consumers that won't pay for a tablet. and this new pro duct allows them to get in a lot cheap year apple did redesign imac. it's thin and sports a dual storage option, a fusion drive and hard drive. the mini is the center piece for the holiday shopping season. >> orders will start on friday. >> after hours trading facebook stock up 11%. after th
, thank you. >> now to your voice, your vote. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney square off in florida tonight. a new abc poll puts candidates in a dead heat. abc 7 news mark matthews joins us now with a preview. mark? >> tonight president obama and mitt romney square off on foreign policy this, is it. a final opportunity to make their case to a national audience. this is a showdown in the sunshine state. reegsent events turned focus overseas. tonight the president and mitt romney expected to spar over the handling of the attack in libya and of course iran. "new york times" reported this weekend the obama administration agreed to one on one talks with iran about its nuclear program. >> leaves you a very simple question to mitt romney. if there were a possibility for face-to-face negotiations one on one, would do you that? >> romney aids say it could be a tougher debate for their touchdown. it may not be the typical expectations game. polls show the president's campaign is out with a new ta ad. >> president obama entered the iraq war and brought 30,000 soldiers back from
mitt romney not just a smile but a big endorsement, sharing his support and a song at this ohio rally. dancing with the stars pro jim johnson puts time aside to screen "secret of the rings" with one of her favorite groups. >> it does make my heart warm seeing how much fun everyone here had today. >> jim also taught dance to some of the members. go to >> when it comes to live television... >> take care of business on a market news anchor. >> in 1989 giants were in the world series versus oakland a's. >> oh, my god. >> okay. >> hang on. hang on. you know... one of my goals in life, stephanie, is to make it on you tube. i think i just did. i'm on you tube, hello to my you tube friends he handled this wex how do you recover from this? >> it was all over his glasses, too. i love her reaction. he just moved right along. >> she's in tears at that point. where is your panda? >> my dog ate it. >> and that is true, it's true. >> a maingor milestone for bart. we'll take you on a tour up next. >> why senator hairy reid was sent to the hospital. >> and an update on a 15-year-old girl sho
for your vote today. >> mitt romney has a closingzv argument, too. >> it doesn't feel like forward, it feels like backward. >> this poll shows a tight race and a controversial comment from a republican senate candidate is causing headaches. yesterday, richard murdock says a pregnancy resulting from rape is something god intended. today he says he believes rape is evil. >> if they came away with any impression other than that, i regret it romney's campaign disagrees but so far haven't asked him to take down this ad3 there is another distraction from donald trump if mr. obama willq release college records and passport history. >> he's the least transparent in the history of the country. there is nothing anything like it. >> donald trump is wrong about that. a great many have not released their school or records. you can find a link to the ! tv. coming up at 6:00 gloria alred. >> details are he mernling this afternoon about two men linked to the u.s. kons slit attack in libya. reports indicate a militant suspected has been killed in egypt and another suspect now in custody in tunisia
something no other sitting presidential nominee has done before. mitt romney talks family. >> dangers of playing high school football. one doctor makes an extreme proposal that would stop the game. >> two polls show governor brown's proposition to fund schools is losing support its fallen below 50% for the first time since being introduced. >> mark matthews sat down with the governor. the fact the governor is making personal media appearances tells us how he feels about this situation. >> you're right. polling numbers are down. money just got a boost. the battle is on for prop 30. it's going to be a tough race. >> the election can go either way. i'm going to do our best to make sure people make an informed choice. >> a temporary tax hike on individuals making more than $250,000 a year and for everyone a quarter cent increase in state sales tax. >> you buy a sandwich and you pay an extra penny. >> the governor is talking about $6 billion in spending cuts. >> we've cut proposed employee salary. we're cutting poor, blind, disabled. >> he says without prop 30, $6 billion will come out of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5